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  • Reservations are HIGHLY recommended for weekends and school holidays. To avoid disappointment, please call us at 03 5524 1020 for reservation. 
  • All participant of all ages are required to sign the WAIVER FORMS. 
  • Access pass starts on hourly basis. 
  • JUNIOR ACCESS pass are for climbers aged 4 - 14 years old only. Take note that climbers younger than 15 years old MUST be accompanied by parents/guardians above 18 years at all times. 
  • ADULT ACCESS pass are for climbers age above 15 years old, they are free to climb unaccompanied. 
  • All RBC FUN WALLS are built for climbers for age 4 years old and above or weight more than 20 kilograms but not more that 120 kilograms for safety purposes. 
  • Rangers will be patrolling around RBC areas to assist climbers, especially on auto-belay equipped walls. 
  • Climbers are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing, clean socks are a MUST accessing RBC Climbing walls. For the convenience of our climbers, socks can be purchased at our reception. 
  • Please do not leave your kids unattended, UNLESS with Explorer Access pass or Coaching Access. 
  • Lockers are made available for FREE. 
  • All prices reflected are subject to 0% GST & SST.



It is well known that the best way to learn sports is to learn through private coaching. As, skill cannot be built in a day or two, it requires dedication and commitment; and in a safe, secured and dedicated commitment from Coaches. Thus, in RBC, we have a group of dedicated and skillful Coaches to groom and coach our RBC residents to acquire the right techniques in climbing, belaying and bouldering - at the quickest and safest way 
Our classes are suitable for residents of all ages and climbing levels. Do check us out!. 

Please Note: 

  • Reservation for Coaching Access to be made through our Customer Service Counter.
  • All private coaching services are for 1 hour
  • Coaches' availability is based on first come first some basis.
  • All group Coaching Access require all parties' participation
  • Cancellation of Coaching Access must be made not less than 48 hours' prior to the session, otherwise, the Coaching Access for the day shall be deemed forfeited.
  • Packages are inclusive of all access pass and climbing gears.
  • Fees paid are non-refundable and non transferable.
  • All Coaching Access packages are valid for 6 months only. Except for packages for 10 sessions above has an extended validity of another 6 months. 




Junior :     
RM 23.57
Adult   :     
RM 33.00
*Junior 4 - 14 years. *Adult 15 years and above.
Junior :     RM 35.00
Adult   :     RM 35.00
 *Junior 4 - 14 years. *Adult 15 years and above.
Combo Package
Junior :     
RM 40.00
Adult   :     
RM 45.00
*Please Note: Package are for 2 hours entry for both Climbing and Playground Area
Adult Companion
Adult   :     RM 4.70
* Please Note: Each Adult Companion is allowed to accompany up to a maximum of 4 JUNIORS Access pass at any one time.
* The first adult companion is Free of charge, subsequence adult companion will be charged a fee of RM4.99. 

10 X Climbing
Junior :     RM 188.66
Adult   :     RM 283.00
* Please Note: RBC Bundle Access expires 6 months from date of purchase.
* Pass holder should be present at the time of resemption. 
10 X Playground
Junior :     RM 300.00
Adult   :     RM 300.00
* Please Note: RBC Bundle Access expires 6 months from date of purchase.
* Pass holder should be present at the time of resemption. 

Explorer Access
Junior   :     RM 47.15
Sign up with our Explorer Access, a guided access under the supervision of our dedicated and experienced Ranger. 
* Please Note: This class will run for 1 hour.
* Children will only be under the supervision of an Instructor during the scheduled combing session. For this reason, children must be dropped off/picked up promptly.

Chalk WT Bag :     RM 2.99
Belay Device   :     RM 4.99
* All rental gears are for 2 hours usage each time.
* Full charges applicable for unreturned gears.

Socks :     RM 4.71
Gloves :    RM 4.71