Certified By South East Asia Climbing Federation

Our instructor is certified by South East Asia Climbing Federation. All instructors are well trained professionals and your safety is our main concern.

Who We Are?

Rocky BaseCamp (RBC) is officially the FIRST Indoor Climbing Centre in Malaysia, which houses an Indoor Speed Climbing Wall, measuring 15 METERS in height. 

Aside from climbing facilities, RBC also houses other activities to encourage patrons of all generations to Do exciting activities, have Fun and keep Fit as well. All these are made available under RBC’s one stop centre; as we strongly believe in family-peers bonding. Haven’t you heard ‘Family is life’s greatest gift’ or that ‘Time spent with family is worth every second’?

It is unavoidable that technology is gradually taking over our daily lives but it does not mean we cannot enjoy physical activities, hang out with our family and use our techs at the same time. 

RBC is just the place for us, young and senior, to spend quality time together as all of us get to enjoy and stay fit in our healthy, fun and exciting activities. Cameras are allowed, with the safety assurance and responsibility of climbers so don’t forget to snap photos because every picture tells a story. 

So what are you waiting for? 
Come make some memories and DO-FUN-FIT with us now in RBC.


Our Safety Concerns





Basic House Rules

• Climber must NOT be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.

• Roughhousing and running is not permitted

• Climber must weigh no less than 20kg (45lbs) and no more than 120kg (265 lbs)

• No food or drink is permitted in the climbing area; with the exception of bottled water 

• Parent or guardian supervision is required for children under 14 years of age Climbing Rules

• No bare foot climbing. At RBC, climbing shoes are included on complimentary basis. However, should climbers' wish to wear their own shoes please wear appropriate footwear. 

 • Climbers are prohibited from bringing mobile / smart phones, sharp items or anything else that may pose safety threat into the climbing area especially items that may easily fall off or injuring others

• Climbers are not allowed to wear anything on their harness other that what you need to do the route.

• Climbers should use chalk balls in chalk bags to reduce dust spreading, hence loose chalk are not permitted 



• All climbers and/or belayers must read and complete the RBC Appication Form (the “Waiver”). Minors refers to those below 18 years old, must have the form completed by a parent or guardian. 

• All Belayers must demonstrate proper belay technique before belaying a climber in RBC.

• The minimum age for belaying is 14 years old

• Belay with IFSC and CE approved belay devices only

• The basic know-how of tying a Figure-8 Follow Through Knot with an overhand knot as a back up directly into the harness is a necessity.


Climbing DOs & Don'ts

• After you are hooked into your harness, stay in the harness area. Wait until RBC Coaches tells you to go to the climbing area.

• DO NOT begin your climb until RBC Coach instructs or advise you to proceed.

• DO NOT step on the belay cable while you wait to start.

• DO NOT climbing above top rope

• Stay on the climbing route of your climing station.

• Do not make any physical contact with the other climber.

• Do not cross over to put your self directly beneath or above other climbers.

• Use only handholds and footholds on the wall for climbing. Do not touch any sharp or exposed metal i.e.: top rope attachments, structural steel, lead anchors and others. 

• Rope to be remained between arms at all times when climbing for safety measures.

• Your shoulders should NOT pass the top of the wall.

• During your descent, DO NOT kick out more than 5 feet from the wall.

• Abseil straight down, away from other climbers.

• Be alert for other climbers beneath you.

• At the end of your climb, wait for RBC Coach to unhook you. Do not unhook yourself.

• Once you are unhooked RBC Coach will assist you in removing your harness, ALWAYS REMEMBER NOT to remove the harness yourself.


Bouldering Rules

• Boulder within your personal limits

• DO NOT boulder in areas used by top rope climbers

• DO NOT boulder beyond marked bouldering holds.

• The use of at least one spotter is recommended when bouldering

• Young children (age below 14 years old) should only boulder under the direct supervision of their parent and/or guardian.

• Young children should not play in bouldering area, as RBC and RBC Coaches would like to provide a safe and fun environment for all participants and spectators.

• RBC Management & Staff reserve the right to deny or revoke access of anyone for any act deemed inappropriate or unsafe.